Take part in the Fashionist Showcase

It provides the opportunity to display your special creations and the latest designs in the magnificent fashion show area, the theme of which is renewed every year during the fair.


Have your say in the world markets

With its visitors from 86 countries and the number of foreign visitors increasing exponentially, the Fashionist brings you to the right professional buyers. It offers face-to-face meetings with the b2b buying delegations it hosts and the opportunity to make new business deals.


Grow your domestic market goals

With the increasing number of visitors and purchasing power it creates with each year, Fashionist allows you to increase your business volume and expand your business network with the connections you establish during the fair.


Increase your competition and brand strength

Providing opportunities to get ahead of your competitors, Fashionist provides the promotion opportunity in the international arena to place your brand in higher positions.


Be aware of new trends

Creating a platform where you can follow international market and fashion trends, Fashionist keeps you posted in the fastest way possible.